The Royal Game of Ur is one of the most ancient games in human history. Its origin is estimated to be in the middle of the ancient Sumerian period, around 2600 – 2400 BCE. The game had several meanings attached to it and spread throughout the Middle East, reaching as far as North Africa and India.

The purpose of the game was neither singular nor static; it underwent constant evolution over millennia and across various regions of the ancient world. Its purpose encompassed a wide spectrum, ranging from simple enjoyment and strategy development to divination and superstition.

The origin of the game dates back to 2600 – 2400 BCE. However, the cuneiform tablets containing the rules for this ancient game are several centuries younger than the game’s actual origin.

There are several interpretations for the movement path in the game. The one on which “Ur: The Royal Game” is based on is that one part of the board symbolizes Heaven, while the other represents Earth, connected by the heavenly path depicted by the narrow section of the board. Each segment of the board entails a distinct strategic approach.

We cannot say for certain, however, it is certainly one of the oldest.

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