Spartan Development is a relatively small yet highly experienced and globally-oriented company. The company initially began as a specialist in digital solutions and programming. However, due to the shared passion for gaming among our core team members, we made the decision to venture into game publishing.

Games have always been a central part of our gatherings and events, and many of us have a deep passion for history and ancient classics. This led us to embark on a journey to research and create a re-interpretation of one of the first-ever board games – The Royal Game of Ur. Our goal is to design it with convenience in mind, making it accessible to be played anywhere and at any time.

While it would be audacious to claim that we have improved upon the ancient rules, the original rules have largely been lost to time, and we have applied our expertise and efforts to build upon the revered ancient design.

To provide this ancient game with the modern interpretation it deserves, we joined hands with our friends at Freecompany, the creators of a strategic wargame system known as Eldfall Chronicles. They have crafted a stunning visual design inspired by ancient Mesopotamian art and have been invaluable in developing our own ruleset for the Game of Ur. Additionally, as an established publisher with a track record of working with verified and skilled manufacturers, our alliance minimizes production risks and guarantees the highest product quality. Furthermore, this partnership means that Ur: The Royal Game will be available shortly after the Kickstarter campaign.

We hope you share our excitement for this ambitious project!

You can find more information about the game and its basic rules here.

Developed and produced by Spartan Development and Freecompany. 

Spartan Development and Freecompany, the creators of Eldfall Chronicles, will bring the oldest game ever recorder back to your gaming tables, in their own interpretation. 

Stay tuned, the game and its launch page will go live in 2023.