Presenting our mascot – the radiant Mushussu!

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Long ago, ancient Mesopotamia was terrorized by a vicious beast known as the Mushussu. Its dragon-like presence drove everyone away, leaving only one who dared to confront it. A young but powerful god, Marduk, stepped forward to face the creature.

Marduk bested the beast in combat, and to everyone’s surprise, the creature offered its allegiance to the god. Together, they traveled the ancient world, driving away evil spirits and bringing good fortune and unity to the cities of Mesopotamia. The once-terrifying beast changed into a loyal companion, inspiring awe with its graceful presence and golden scales, ultimately becoming the symbol of Marduk.

Ever since, the Mushussu has symbolized protection against the worst evils and a sign of good luck. Its significance even earned it a place on the walls of the famous Gates of Ishtar. Now, the once-feared creature will be your cute and soft companion